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February 19 2019

Gordi covers Linkin Park 'In The End'

August 25 2017

August 01 2017

July 05 2017

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May 17 2017

March 26 2017

March 02 2017

February 17 2017

February 03 2015

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Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and Music Superstars Sing "We Are The Champions" (A Cappella)
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January 06 2015

December 09 2014

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Dessa - "I'm Going Down"
(for comparison: original by Bruce Springsteen)

November 05 2014

November 02 2014

October 14 2014

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"Isn't this a Daft Punk song?" Yes. Yes, it is.
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October 11 2014

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Every Mumford and Sons Song Basically by Dion Beary

okay, so it's not a cover of one specific song  XD
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October 10 2014

September 22 2014

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