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September 10 2014

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Roberta Flack - Bridge Over Troubled Water

such a flawless voice.
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August 20 2014

August 14 2014

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Spicks and Specks | The Nymphs perform Enter Sandman - Ep 3, 2010
yes, that's enter sandman, not mr. sandman.  =)

August 13 2014

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Spicks and Specks | Dave Faulkner and Noriko Tadano - Johnny B. Goode

rockin on electric guitah and shamisen
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THE BEEZ (from Berlin!) "Stand By Your Man" with Andrew Clermont
country & middle eastern

August 12 2014

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Neil Cicierega - Daft Mouth
smash mouth - daft punk - mash up

August 06 2014

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Billy Jean on Beer Bottles
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July 25 2014

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▶ Game of Thrones theme song played by the Queen's guards - YouTube
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July 20 2014

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▶ Get Lucky Vintage Irish Tenor Daft Punk Cover YouTube - YouTube
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June 25 2014

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Das Modell ( a cover of Kraftwerk) - Knoblauch Klezmer Band
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June 23 2014

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▶ Game of Thrones Theme - Swamp Donkeys at BB King's - YouTube
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May 09 2014

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6 Feet Under - Minnie The Moocher (Cab Calloway Ska Cover)

May 07 2014

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stringy wingy
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May 02 2014

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April 08 2014

March 31 2014

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2CELLOS - Thunderstruck
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March 30 2014

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▶ 43 Cartoon Theme Song Mashup | Ensemble ACJW - YouTube
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March 15 2014

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Game of Thrones Cello Cover - Break of Reality
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